September 02, 2003
Bustamante and MEChA

Stefan Sharansky is all over MEChA's racist, marxist, rabidly anti-American agenda (and Bustamante's support of said agenda) at Shark Blog. Start here and scroll down; there are many links and some interesting discussion about MEChA and how Bustamante has not only failed to distance himself from the group, but has tacitly supported them by downplaying their radicalism.

In one of the more intense threads, a Bustamante apologist tries to bring up Arnold Schwarzenegger's father's ties with the Nazi Party during World War II. Since it was Schwarzenegger himself who discovered and revealed the ties (with assistance from the Simon Weisenthal Center), it's not exactly a big secret. It's also totally irrelevant to Bustamante's ties to MEChA, since Arnold's father is not running for governor. For those who wish to tie a father's views in to a current politician, why not look at Joseph Kennedy (father of JRK, RFK, and Ted Kennedy; considered to be the patriarch of the whole "Camelot" dynasty thing). Kennedy was a supporter of the Nazi government, and actively lobbied to keep the US out of the war. His sympathies haven't torpedoed the political careers of his progeny; JFK was president, RFK would likely have been president, fat Teddy has represented Massachusetts forever, and Patrick Kennedy is a Rhode Island congressman.

I have been banging the drum about reciprocity—the need for the left to denounce their idiots as loudly and consistently as the right has done with Buchanan, Robertson, Lott, Santorum, and others. I have not seen even one liberal who has taken Bustamante to task for his association with a racist group, yet they would be up in arms if we were talking about John Ashcroft and the now defunct Southern Partisan magazine (check out Google if you doubt me on this).

Unlike the Ashcroft interview, which requires a good deal of "interpretation" of "code words" for Republican racism, MEChA is right up front with its aims: Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.(For the race, all. For those outside the race, nothing.) This is unvarnished racism. It is reprehensible, whether it comes from a white supremacist group denigrating nonwhites, an Islamist group condemning non-Muslims, or a Chicano group denouncing non-Chicanos.

I will begin taking the left's charges of racism against the GOP seriously when they get their own house in order. The deafening silence from them ensures that it will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

posted on September 02, 2003 08:12 AM


One word: WORD.

posted by Pete (Alois) on September 3, 2003 12:56 PM

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