April 28, 2004
Oh, please

Now a minority group is trying to get an apology from Peter Coors because of his staff's whimsical response to an appalling gaffe committed by the New York Times.

After the Times ran an article about a convicted killer and KKK member, accidentally accompanied by a picture of US senate candidate Peter Coors (R-CO), his campaign spokeswoman quipped:

It could have been worse. Pete could have been identified as John Kerry.

Now the spokesman of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance has his skivvies in a bunch over the whole kerfluffle:

"If Peter Coors or Ms. Watson thinks it is funny or lighthearted to compare Sen. Kerry to a convicted KKK murderer, then they are either willfully ignorant of the emotion African-Americans feel about such matters, or they are terribly out of touch and they should be ashamed."

If the New York Times apologizes to Peter Coors, he might consider issuing an apology. (The Times issued a correction, but didn't make a formal apology). Until then, he (and his spokesperson) have nothing for which to apologize. It's rather undignified for a minister to inject himself into politics, as we are constantly reminded by liberals who get all ruffled over stupid pronouncements by the idiotic Pat Robertson or the odious Fred Phelps. Somehow, however, I don't expect Oliver Willis or Kevin Drum to demand Reverend Peters to butt out of the political arena, because he supports their candidate, and therefore is above censure.

posted on April 28, 2004 11:59 PM


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