April 30, 2004
Scum in uniform

The servicemen thugs who tortured, humilated, and possibly killed Iraqis should be sentenced to the maximum extent (hard labor at Leavenworth), dishonorably discharged from the service, and have their names publicized as widely as possible, to ensure that they can never hold any job of consequence as long as they live. Their actions are unconscionable and inexcusable, and not only reflect poorly on the US military, they reflect poorly on our country as a whole. The Pentagon MUST hold a very public trial (unlike the Yee fiasco), and must make sure that all of the evidence is presented (again, unlike the Yee fiasco). Everyone knows that I am a strong supporter of the military (duh, it's my career), but there is far too much riding on this case to risk a whitewash or a slap on the wrists. The military has had bad apples in the past (the Okinawa rapists, and the whole Tailhook episode), but the stakes are much higher here. We need to excise the cancer before the patient succumbs.

As usual, John Cole (at Balloon Juice has a complete roundup, and the trackbacks provide a pretty thorough view of how the conservative side of the blogosphere has reacted towards the story. I'm not the only one who's seriously pissed off by this.

posted on April 30, 2004 09:18 PM


Current WAPO story by Bush-Basher Dana Millbank notes that the "Arab world" is reacting with revulsion at the photos of the MP abuses of Iraqi prisoners of war. Not surprising, given the Arab world's reacting with revulsion to the Saddam Hussein's putting people into shredders. Without taking anything away from the full force of justice for the MPs, somehow "Arab rage" doesn't really, truly impress me. Maybe it's that they prefer Arab torturers for Arabs to westerners.

I vent my sarcasm here in the full knowledge that this incident will give much fuel for the moralizing posturers both east and west, none of whose "rage" do I for an instant believe in--unless it simply be rage against America under any circumstances. That, I know, is real.

posted by Michael McCanles on May 1, 2004 03:18 PM

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