June 28, 2004
Harkin's partisan power play

This headline set me off:

Antidote to Limbaugh Sought on Army Radio

Upon reading it, however, the story is much more balanced than the outrageously biased headline.

Tom Harkin has his panties in a bunch because AFN plays ONE HOUR of Limbaugh's show, five days a week? (It's followed by 45 minutes of Doctor Laura, which probably also upsets the leftists.)

Harkin says that counterprogramming is needed. It already exists. NPR's Morning Edition, Talk of the Nattion, and All Things Considered occupy eight hours of the day Monday through Friday, and Weekend Edition runs on Saturday and Sunday. Despite arguments that they are non-partisan, anyone who listens to them for any length of time will realize that is not correct.

In addition, the spittle-flecked ravings of black racist and uber-leftist Tom Joyner are broadcast for two hours every evening, Monday-Friday. Joyner makes Michael Moore look impartial and rational.

Perhaps one of the Republican lawmakers will ask for an antidote to Joyner and NPR. If Harkin and his comrades want to play the ideological one-upmanship game, there are plenty of conservative radio personalities to choose from to provide balance.

Most of our armed forces in Europe have access to two radio stations, Power Network (AM, which broadcasts Rush, Dr. Laura, and NPR), and Z-FM (which broadcasts Joyner). Here is the schedule for those who are interested in seeing what is available to those serving overseas.

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