July 12, 2004
Who is REALLY spending more

Michael Gersh has a link to an interesting piece in USA Today on Kerry's lead in the ads runs by the two presidential campaigns, and ties in a link from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which points out that Kerry received no bounce from his VP announcement, a first in modern political history. He follows with some analysis on why this is not good news for Kerry.

One paragraph in the USA Today piece is particularly noteworthy:

Political groups' ads were shown 56,627 times. All but 513 were ads by liberal, anti-Bush groups such as MoveOn PAC and the Media Fund. The others were by conservative groups.

99.1 percent of ads from outside groups were from leftist organizations. Remember this when people accuse the GOP of trying to win the election through a massive delulge of anti-Kerry ads. Kerry alone has spent more than Bush, but when the ads from the pressure groups are added, he has about 80 percent more ad saturation in the competitive states.

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