July 13, 2004
Lovely, just lovely

I discovered today (via a news brief on the dead-tree edition of USA Today) that last week's top Billboard album, Kiss of Death, by a rapper named DaJackass Jadakiss, contains a single, entitled "Why", which contains the line "Why did Bush knock down the towers?" I thought that this trope had died, after Cynthia McKinney and Howard Dean had trotted it out and found it didn't have any currency among the people outside of their echo-chamber asylum. Apparently I was wrong, as it's now part of a song by an alleged entertainer. He also manages to work in a snivel about Governor Schwarzenegger's election and how "the man" is oppressing him. Manifestly subliterate and devoid of independent thought, a transcipt of the lyrics can be found here.

posted on July 13, 2004 06:00 PM


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