July 13, 2004
More hot air from the "uncivil rights" left

This story, from the AP, discusses the (futile) effort by the Bush administration to defend the Patriot Act against charges that it has caused more harm than good, by releasing a list of 35 instances in which the Patriot Act was used to prosecute terrorists and other criminals. I think it is futile because the llieral left's minions will always be against the Patriot Act because it was a product of the Bush administration, and therefore by definition must be unalterably evil.

Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, accused the department of selectively releasing information and refusing to address civil liberties concerns.

"Coupled with the department's consistent record of exaggerating their record about terrorism, this entire report is suspect," Conyers said.


Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (news - web sites), said he considered the report a political document rather than a serious examination of the Patriot Act's impact. The Bush administration, he said, should "spend less time waging public relations campaigns and more time responding to the specific, legitimate concerns of the American people."

At least they chose two individuals who have been consistent in their stance. Both Conyers and Romero have been opposed to the Patriot Act since its inception (Conyers voted against it, and Romero's organization lobbied heavily against it.) They have a lot more credibility than the Johnny-come-latelies (Kerry and Edwards) who voted to support it before they argued against it.

I'd take Conyers and Romero a lot more seriously if they were able to produce actual documentation of abuse of the act, rather than a lot of empty sound and fury. By demanding that the administration prove that no harm has occurred, they're asking Bush to prove a negative, which is unrealistic. The onus is upon them to make their case, rather than have the administration to do it for them. Until they actually cite examples, it's just another political sideshow.

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