July 15, 2004

I wonder if all the lefty blowhards who screamed their heads off over the Bush web-only ad "Wildeyed" will have anything to say about this ad, which is also web-based, courtesy of the wonderful ladies and gentlemen of MoveOn PAC.

The Annenberg Political Fact Check has a few things to say about the ad, unlike the Bush ad which the Kerry brigades were up in arms over. The problem (for the left) is that Bush was simply airing what his detractors had been saying all along about him, unedited and without comment. This ad, by contrast, dowdifies Cheney's quote (Scornfully repeating the terrorists) and then further compounds it by repeating the statement, something Cheney never did.

MoveOn PAC must immediately remove the ad, as Kerry insisted that the Bush campaign do with their ad. I'll not hold my breath waiting for THAT to happen, though.

(Balloon Juice linked to the RNC's response to that demand, as well as the lies spread by the left afterwards in an attempt to squeeze more money from their contributors. Check it out.)

posted on July 15, 2004 05:31 PM


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