July 15, 2004
Palestinian maps revisited

One of my earliest posts (originally posted on RegurgaBlog, for those who remember back that far) dealt with a fundamentally dishonest map found on the home page of the Palestinian Authority's International Press Center, in which they showed a map of Israel and Palestine as a unified state (named Palestine) and described it as "Historical Palestine". The word "Israel" did not appear in any of the maps in the section.

I fired off an e-mail to them, and they responded, more or less. I blogged about it here.

Since that time, the IPC website has undergone a redesign, and many of the pages have changed names. This is to be expected, and of course with the redesign, many old links will no longer work.

However, this page is still active, although it is no longer on the front page. I cannot find a link to it on the home page (or the Arabic home page, since it is now in the "Arabic" section of the tri-lingual site), but the map is the same as it was in 2002.

What has changed, however, is the section at the top, in which they have added a statement (in French and a truncated version in English) which links to this map on a fundamentalist Christian website. The Palestinians claim that this map (a map of Solomonic Israel, 1000 years before Christ's birth) is the official Israeli governmental map, which is an outright lie. It is interesting that the more verbose explanation of the link is in French (playing to their audience, perhaps), and it is unbelievable that they link to a non-Israeli map as the official Israeli government position.

If they wanted to really portray the Israeli government's position, they could go here, with a map from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Two years ago, Jim Henley found a trio of maps from the MFA website that did not clearly acknowledge the green line (although the largest one did lay out areas under Palestinian control or partial control). The links no longer work, although I believe the large map he cites is this one. I had some issues with those maps,and the Palestinian response to my question, which I laid out here and here. But at least they were pulled from the official Israeli governmental website. Even when they are lying, the Palestinians are not subtle. It appears that they altered the page in response to questioning (mine?), but instead of correcting the dishonesty, they compounded it with an absurd link. Of course, we're talking about the Palestinians; holding them to the same standard expected of anyone else is absurd, since they have proven time and again that the only governmental task at which they excel is propaganda.

posted on July 15, 2004 07:11 PM


You always hear that Israel is the size of New Jersey, but the MFA Flash maps site does not compare it to New Jersey.

Oh well.

posted by Laurence Simon on July 15, 2004 07:29 PM

Actually, I've seen it compared to San Bernardino County, CA. It is a little more than half the size of just the one county.

posted by timekeeper on July 15, 2004 07:56 PM

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