November 25, 2004

OK, I admit it, I have become a Survivor: Vanuatu junkie. What I didn't realize was how much I had invested myself in the game. After the surprise twist tonight, I actually caught myself talking to the screen, "telling" Amy, the man-hating barista, that she was lucky she won immunity, otherwise "we would have voted your ass off tonight", as if I had a vote. I've never become this personally involved in a reality program before, and I was startled that it happened tonight. As it was, I cheered at the shocked expression on Amy's face when her ally Lee Ann was suddenly voted off in place of Chris (the last guy) or Eliza (the perpetual also-ran). I also laughed at the smirk on Chris's face, as he really expected to disappear tonight, as the Amy/Lee Ann/Julie axis needed just one more vote to determine who was going home, and Amy had expressed her "girl power" belief over and over again.

posted on November 25, 2004 09:06 PM


Hooked on a reality show Timekeeper? Never never try heroin either. Crack and Fear Factor are approximately equivalent in their lack of substantive content, combined with their iron grip on repeat viewers. Never watched Survivor myself, but I assume that the syndrome is the same. I shall take your (unspoken) advice and be sure to never tune in to Vanuatu either.

posted by Michael Gersh on November 29, 2004 03:17 PM

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