December 02, 2004
Assault and (moon)battery

As a result of the ugly brawl in Detroit two weeks ago, two individuals have been banned from The Palace, home of the NBA's Detroit Pistons. One of the two was alleged to have thrown the cup at Ron Artest, which started the brawl between the players and the fans, and the other was one of the idiots who ran onto the court.

The lawyer for moonbat number one is terribly upset about the unfairness of the whole affair:

"That's ridiculous. Are they going to ban Artest and the other Pacers who ran into the stands and beat up on our fans and the people that live in this community?" Shawn Smith, Green's attorney, said. "They're completely picking on the little guy. ... It's not fair."

No, it's eminently fair. Your client was the catalyst of the brawl; if he had not thrown the cup, the fight would not have entered the stands. He ought to be lucky that Artest hasn't filed an assault charge against him. As it stands, one of the other fans might be facing felony assault charges for throwing a chair that hit several people, including a police officer.

As to banning Artest and the rest of his teammates, I am all for it, as I argued two weeks ago. But the blame for what happened cannot and should not be laid entirely at the feet of the athletes, as the fans' behavior was totally unacceptable as well.

posted on December 02, 2004 02:01 PM


They're completely picking on the little guy. ... It's not fair.

Oh whah. He gets told not to come into the arena any more. Small tuition for the 'don't act like a jackass' course of life instruction.

The tuition bill for Artest, otoh, is a couple of bucks more. But since he's already been given a few million for basically doing something any kid on a playground can do, throwing a ball at a round hoop 10 feet up, he's also on the list of folks that won't get any tears from this direction over this matter. In fact, his name comes right after the boneheaded cup thrower that's added to his publicly demonstrated stupidity by forking over probably not a small sum of money to have a paid whiner do his complaining for him.

posted by Wind Rider on December 4, 2004 09:13 AM

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