January 07, 2005
Snow day?

I am experiencing something I have never before encountered in my 18 years in the military: a snow day (or at least a snow delay). Apparently conditions in the area are pretty bad (although it's currently raining outside my window); the decision was made to have us come in to work two hours late. This is something that I cannot ever recall doing before, although I have heard of it from others with whom I have worked. For some reason, the job I do (which is not all that critical) is always considered one of those essential jobs that cannot be put off.

I wonder if this is a result of last year's experience at this base. While I was in Germany, there was a six-inch snowfall here, but no decision was made on having people stay away until after work was supposed to begin, Consequently, there were monumental traffic jams when the decision was made to send everyone home, and everyone headed for the parking lots at the same time. My roommate tells me that it took about 90 minutes to move 300 feet through the parking lot, due to the traffic, the weather, and the accidents.

posted on January 07, 2005 06:21 AM


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