January 07, 2005
Stingy redux

(I originally posted this as an update to the original post, but I decided to post it as a separate entry due to the magnitude of the numbers involved.)

Chuck Simmins has compiled a list of private donations from the United States. As of Thursday, 6 January, it stood at $450 Million. This is not government-dispensed funding, it's all totally voluntary. The US contribution, government and private, not including the military efforts described above, is closing in on $1 Billion, and will probably pass that threshold shortly.

The PDF file is three pages long, and includes URL citations for every single one of the listed contributions. (Consequently, it probably understates the true total by a significant amount). It includes small donations from community groups, large cash and in-kind donations by corporate interests, and money raised by the American Red Cross and Catholic Relief Services, among many other charities.

(Link courtesy of Daily Pundit.)

posted on January 07, 2005 10:39 AM


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