April 13, 2005
Comcast and customer disservice

For the past three days, we have been having a problem with a flkay DNS server in my service area, and connectivity has been spotty at best. When I first called (on Monday), I was on hold for about ten minutes before I was prompted to leave my phone number for a callback. After an hour and a half wait, they finally called back, and told me that they weren't sure when it would be fixed, but it should be just a few hours. Well, I suffered through it for two days. When I called back again today (because I'm still experiencing the same problem), I went through the voice mail prompts (four layers), and was then told by the voice mail system:

We're sorry, but we are experiencing a higher than normal call volume due to outages in your area. All of our customer representatives are assisting other customers; please try your call again later.

...at which point I was disconnected.

Needless to say, I am *not* happy right now.

This is one of the primary reasons I dislike governmental regulation; if Comcast didn't have a geographical monopoly (through governmental regs), I'd have a choice, and I'm willing to bet service would be better.

When I lived in Chula Vista (California), it was the only city in San Diego county that had real comptetition; Cox and a smaller company, ultronics, both had access in the area. Whenever Cox rolled out a new service, Chula Vista was the first to get it. (Cable internet in 1997, expanded basic cable with 70+ channels in 1994, and so forth), and lower rates(about 40% lower than the rest of their area). The rest of their coverage area was theirs alone, but they had a competitor in Chula Vista, and it was obvious that they were responding to the competition by providing new services as soon as they were available.

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I feel your pain. I suffered with Comcast "disservice" for several years until I finally moved out of the area.

One thing Comcast CAN'T regulate is satellite reception. I suggest looking into DirectTV's service. Decent reception, decent bandwidth. Just need to deal with pesky weather related outages.

Terry Dexter

posted by Terry Dexter on April 14, 2005 05:24 AM

Some information here: Computer World

Interesting site that offers some temporary solutions: Broadband Reports

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posted by Steve Gigl on April 14, 2005 10:56 AM

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