April 14, 2005
What party is she IV?

From Yahoo! news via their Miami affiliate, WPLG/10, comes this article:

Report: Senator's Trip Broke Rules, Possibly Law

In this entire 539 word piece, there is no mention of State Senator Mandy Dawson's party affiliation.

In the past, I have complained about this problem with AP writers. In this case, the AP is not at fault. Brent Kallestad wrote a similar article for the AP (also available via Yahoo! News), which clearly states to which party Sen. Dawson belongs. The WPLG article (also posted at their website), carries no byline, but it's not the AP story, and it omits her biographical embellishment (which Kallestad briefly mentions in his story).

I'm a bit surprised that this woman keeps getting elected, but politics in Broward County are never dull. Some of the voters may be dull, but that is another story altogether. She's had several capable challengers in the primaries in the past, but somehow she manages to pull off a victory, despite the string of questionable behavior.

posted on April 14, 2005 10:57 AM


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